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Put penguins and warthogs in the same pen. In a few minuts you should see one of the penguins attacking or killing one of the warthogs. This cheat is just for fun. I found it out my self!


To make a baby animal of any species then build an exhibit.
Go to the Adopt an Animal then in between the middle and the bottom you will see three golden symbols. A circle with an arrow pointing southeast, an I, and a circle with a cross pointing down. Click on any species then the circle with the arrow. Put to animals in the exhibit. Then click on the circle with the cross on it. Put two of that species in the exhibit. Then try to make that species really happy and you will get a baby. (It takes time).


Click on a geust and then rename them:

Blue shirts - Mr. Blue
Yellow shirts - Mr. Blonde
White shirts - Mr. White
Brown shirts - Mr. Brown
Orange shirts - Mr. Orange
Pink shirts - Mr. Pink
White birds attack - Alfred H
Fences deteriorate 100% - Russell C
Sick guests - Zeta Psi
All animal shelters available - John Wheeler
All research complete - Hank Howie

Exhibit cheats:
After the game automatically names an exhibit,
rename it to one of the following entries to get
the corresponding animal.

Triceratops Cretaceous Corral
Unicorn Xanadu

Yellow brick road footpath:
Place a lion, tiger, and a bear in an exhibit.

All scenarios:
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file;
create a backup copy of the file before proceeding.
Use a text editor to edit the \'zoo.ini\' file. Add
the following entries under the [scenario] section.



Hit ctrl+d, this puts you in developers mode. Now you will see a little 'x' on the bottom right hand side of the screen.
Hit the 'x' and you will be able to give your self as much
money as you want PLUS there are a few other things you can do.
Found this by accident so hope ya like it!

Change starting money:
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a
backup copy of the file before proceeding. Open the 'config.zip'
file, then search for the file 'economy.cfg'. Use a text editor
to edit that file and search for the 'cash=50000' line. Enter
the amount of money you would like to have, than save the file.

Unlock the Triceratops:
Name one of your exhibits 'Cretaceous Corral'.
This will unlock the Triceratops.

Unlock the Unicorn:
Name one of your exhibits 'Xanadu'.
This will unlock the Unicorn.


1. Open config.ztd with winzip.
2. Open Economy.cfg with notepad or wordpad.
3. Search for cZooDooRecyclingAmount and change the number
to whatever you want. This will be the profit for every
recycle you do. Normally you recycle around 8-12 times per month.
4. Also, look for cKeeperCost which should be 800. This is the salary you pay your zoo keepers. Change it to something lower and your expenses will decrease dramatically.
5. If you want more money at start of the game, edit zoo.ini with notepad
or wordpad and find a line called MSMaxCash. Change that to whatever you want and you can start out with a couple of million.

Getting More Cash In The Demo Version:

In your zoo tycoon demo directory find the zoodemo.ini
and open it with notepad. Find where it has 'MSStartingCash'
and type the amount of money you want to start with.
Under that you will see a 'MSCashIncrement' skip that
and go to 'MSMinCash' and type the minimum amount of
cash you can get. Under that you will see a 'MSMaxCash'
and type the amount you want the max cash you can get to


Crazy fountain:
Enter the menu to buy a fountain. Right click on the
'Elephant Fountain' and press [Shift] + [Ctrl] + [Alt].
Your fountain will spray water all over your guests.

Set all tour guides salaries to zero:
Name one of the tour guides Rosalie.

Dancing cucumbers guests:
Name your zoo Green Brine and on May 17 a group of dancing cucumbers
with hula skirts will appear.

Jurassic Park:
Name a guest Barney. The guest should now be in a Barney the dinosaur
costume. Rename the same guest Bad Weekend. Open the Freedom game menu
and select the 'Jurassic Park' entry.

Darth Vader worker:
Name any staff Darker Side. Darth Vader will be on the Hire Staff screen.

Evil Penguins:
Put a herbivore with a penguin. After a fight, all penguins will be evil.

Killer bees:
Put an insect house in a crocodile's exhibit. A swarm of killer bees will
attack your guests.

Animals rampage:
Put all the animals in the same exhibit then set them free. They will tear
down your trees, trample your paths, and reduce your buildings to rubble.

Yellow brick road footpath:
Place a lion, tiger, and a bear in an exhibit.


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